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ACS Motion Control 565x


ACS Motion Control's 565x Series PC/ISA is a half-sized ISA PC-based, one to four axes library programmable controller for AC servo, DC brushless, and DC brush motors.

Features include:

  • PMD DSP control chipset
  • PID with velocity feed forward servo control loops
  • S-curve, trapezoidal and velocity motion profiles
  • 32-bit position, velocity, accel and jerk registers
  • 16-bit DAC or 10-bit PWM command signal output
  • Status LED lights for diagnostics
  • Independent electronic gearing capabilities
  • Individual Axis home, limits, drive fault input and drive enable output
  • 14.7 kHz external sinusoidal commutation, hall-based or algorithmic initialization, velocity phase
  • Advance capabilities and electronic gearing (5651A)
  • Open architecture software libraries for C, C++ and VB
  • Drivers for DOS (16-Bit) and Win95/98/NT (32-Bit DLLs)
  • Source code available for RTOS development

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5650A Four-axis PC/ISA servo controller
5650A DEV The Development Kit includes all documentation, software drivers/demos,
four-axis cable and terminal boards (2), cable and terminal board for digital I/O.
5651A Two-axis servo controller with onboard sinusoidal commutation
5650A DEV N/A
CAB5650-36 Interface cable (36")
CABDIO-36 Digital I/O interface cable (36")
TB50N-S 50-pin terminal board, two required
TB20N-S 20-pin digital I/O terminal board