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ACS Motion Control SpiiPlus 3U

SpiiPlus 3U

ACS Motion Control's SPiiPlus 3U, an advanced 2, 4, 6, 8 axes motion controller, uses a rack mounted base and meets all the requirements for successful applications such as semiconductor manufacturing, wafers inspection and Flat Panel Display assembly and testing. Customized algorithms will give you the exact control you need to succeed in your application goals.

Features include:

  • A Rack mounted motion controller for two, four, six and eight axes
  • Meets the requirement of the most demanding applications without compromising accuracy or throughput 20kHz sampling rate independent of the number of axes
  • Supports a wide range of motion modes, including point-to-point, jog, segmented, master-slave and arbitrary path with PVT cubic interpolation
  • Third-order profile generation with on-the-fly velocity, acceleration, jerk and target position changes
  • Sub-nanometer resolution using optional Sin-Cos encoders with a multiplier factor of up to 65,536
  • High-rate interface with digital, incremental encoders for all axis with dual loop options
  • Simultaneous host communication through multiple channels, 10/100baseT Ethernet or RS-232
  • Powerful I/O handling with advanced PLC capabilities
  • Position Event Generator (PEG) with sub- microsecond delay
  • Powerful ACSPL multi tasking and programming language
  • Advanced PIV algorithm, notch and low pass filters, 20kHz execution rate for all control-loops
  • Full suite of software tools for setup, tuning, application development and troubleshooting
  • Unique multi-axis motion simulator for rapid application development
  • Distributed axes and I/O expansion with HSSI-IO16 and HSSI-ED2 modules
  • C/C /VB Library support for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, Venturecom RTX and on-Time
  • Extensive COM Libraries for Visual Basic™, LabView™ and more
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2000 certified quality management system, meeting stringent safety and EMC standards and is CE marked

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Product SPiiPlus 3U-2... SPiiPlus 3U-4-2... SPiiPlus 3U-6-2... SPiiPlus 3U-8-3...
Axes & Supported Features
Axes with ±10V Drive Command/s 2 (XA) 4 (XAYB) 6 (XAYBZC) 8 (XAYBZCTD)
Axes with P-D Drive Command 1 (A) 2 (AB) 3 (ABC) 4 (ABCD)
Axes with Supporting Dual Loop 1 (X) 2 (XY) 3 (XYZ) 4 (XYZT)
G.P. Digital I/O 8/8 8/8 8/8 8/8
Axes with PEG Pulse Output 1 (X) 2 (XY) 3 (XYZ) 4 (XYZT)
Position Reg. MARK Inputs 2 per X 2 per X, 1 per Y 2 per X, 1 per Y, Z 2 per X, 1 per Y, Z, T
Analog Inputs 4(*1) 8(*1) 12(*1) ,2(*2) 16(*1), 4(*2)
Analog Outputs 2(*5)+2(*3) 4(*5)+4(*3) 6(*5)+6(*3)+2(*4) 8(*5)+8(*3)+4(*4)
HSSI Channels 1 2 3 3