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Advanced Motion Controls AB Series

AB Series'

Motor Controllers for Electric Mobility and Vehicular Applications

The M/V™ series motor controllers are fully functional, four-quadrant servo drives purpose designed and built to operate today's modern mobile electric vehicular platforms. Providing high power from battery supplies with multiple operating modes, for either permanent magnet brushed or brushless motors, propels this motor controlling series ahead of all others. Whether for traction / propulsion, steering, lifting or any other electrically driven actuation, the M/V™ series is the newest member in a long line of successful motor controlling solutions from ADVANCED Motion Controls.

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Model Number Power Feedback Servo Drive Mode
Voltage (V) Rated (kW) Current (A) Iso Gnd Hall Enc Tach Torque Duty Cycle Voltage IR Comp Hall Vel Vel
DC Peak Cont. Peak Cont.
AB250A060 20 - 54 12.8 7.7 250 150
AB200A100 20 - 80 15.2 9.5 200 125
AB125A200 40 - 175 20.8 13.3 125 80
AB100C200 40 - 175 16.6 16.6 100 100