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Applied Motion Products BLuAC5-Q


The BluAC5 servo drive provides a compact, reliable solution for a wide range of motion applications in a variety of industries. The BLuAC5 servo drive is designed to offer excellent performance coupled with hardware and software features that make it easy to integrate, use and maintain. Featuring a powerful digital signal processor (DSP) coupled with an efficient IGBT PWM amplifier. When combined with the BLuAC5’s sophisticated, yet easy to tune position loop and velocity and acceleration feed-forward, a system capable of extremely high performance assures success in the most demanding applications.

All BLuAC5 drives are capable of running brushless, brushed, and linear servo motors. A timing wizard automatically configures the encoder and commutation timing for virtually any brushless or brushed DC motor. Tuning is easy with our Quick Tuner™ software, featuring a built-in digital oscilloscope

Features include:

  • 744 lines of stored program capability
  • Math calculations using analog and digital parameters
  • 7 digital INs, 3 digital OUTs, all optically isolated
  • 2 analog inputs, +/- 10 volt range
  • Built-in 24VDC supply for I/O circuitry
  • 50 watts built-in regeneration, up to 2KW external capability
  • 32 Axis multi-drop capability
  • RS232 cable and all mating connectors are included
  • Sinusoidal Commutation

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Model Number Supply Voltage Control Mode Output Current,
Continuous (A rms)
Output Current,
Peak (A rms)
Communication Ports
BLuAC5-Q 95-260 VAC Streaming Commands
Analog Positioning
Encoder Following
Q Programming
5.0 15.0 RS-232