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Applied Motion Products STM17C-3xx Integrated CANopen Drive+Motor w/Encoder

STM17C-3xx Integrated CANopen Drive+Motor w/Encoder

The STM17Q-3AE and STM17Q-3RE integrated stepper is a drive+motor unit, fusing a NEMA 17 step motor and a sophisticated 2.0 A/phase (peak-of-sine) stepper drive into a single device. Power to the drive, located at the rear of the motor, must be supplied by an external DC supply. This integrated stepper can operate in the following control modes: step (pulse) & direction, velocity (oscillator), and streaming serial commands (SCL). (STM17 integrated steppers do not support operation with the Applied Motion 4-axis and 8-axis SiNet Hubs). All STM17 units are setup and configured using Applied Motion’s ST Configurator™ software.

An integral 1000-line (4000 count/rev) incremental encoder is housed inside the same enclosure as the drive electronics, providing protection from dust and debris. The integration of the encoder means the STM17S-3RE can perform special functions not available otherwise. Stall Detection notifies the system as soon as the required torque is too great for the motor, which results in a loss of synchronization between the rotor and stator, also known as stalling. Stall Prevention actually prevents stalling of the step motor by dynamically adjusting motor speed to maintain synchronization of the rotor to the stator under all conditions. This unique feature allows step motors to operate in a much broader range of applications than previously available to step motors, such as torque-control applications. The Stall Prevention feature also performs static position maintenance, which maintains the position of the motor shaft when at rest.

Each STM17 integrated stepper comes with 3 digital inputs, 1 digital output, and 1 analog input. The digital inputs accept signals of 5-24 VDC and can be used for connecting pulse & direction signals, end-of-travel limit switches, jog switches, quadrature encoder signals, PLC outputs, sensors, or many other signal types. The digital output can be connected to PLC inputs, counters, lights, relays, or other devices. The analog input accepts 0-5 VDC signals and can be used for velocity and position control.

Comes with an RS-485 port for programming and serial communications.

Features include:

  • Sophisticated current control
  • Anti-resonance
  • Torque ripple smoothing
  • Microstep emulation
  • Built-in incremental encoder
  • RS-232 port for programming - Only STM17C-3AE
  • Q programming control mode for stand-alone operation
  • Capable of all “S” control modes
  • RS-485 port for programming and communications - Only TM17C-3RE

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Part Number Frame Size Supply Voltage Control Mode Holding Torque (oz-in) Communication Ports Encoder Feedback
STM17S-3AE NEMA 17 12-48 VDC Step & Direction
Velocity (Oscillator)
Streaming Commands
68 RS-232 Yes
STM17S-3RE NEMA 17 12-48 VDC Step & Direction
Velocity (Oscillator)
Streaming Commands
68 RS-485 Yes