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Applied Motion Products SVAC3-Q-Exx


The SVAC3-Q-E120 and SVAC3-Q-E220 is a compact and cost-effective servo drive that is compatible with a variety of servo motors and a great choice for many OEM applications. Its all-digital design and DSP-based current control allow for smooth motion and a quick response from the specially matched set of Applied Motion motors available with it. Power to the drive comes from single-phase 120 VAC and the drive can output up to 3.5 A rms continuous, 7.5 A rms peak to the servo motor. The drive also has built-in protection features like over-voltage, over-temperature, and over-current, which prevent damage to the drive while running in adverse conditions.

The SVAC3-Q-E120 and SVAC3-Q-E220 can operate in all of the same control modes as a SVAC3-S drive (analog torque/velocity, pulse & direction, streaming commands), plus it has the ability to run stand-alone Q programs stored in non-volatile memory. Q programs are created using the Q Programmer™ software, and provide multi-tasking, math functions, conditional processing, data register manipulation, and more features in a robust yet simple text-based programming language. Initial setup of the drive, including selecting the control mode, tuning the servo motor and configuring the drive is done with the Quick Tuner™ software.

For connecting to external devices such as limit switches, proximity or photoelectric sensors, PLC I/O, lamps, and other devices, the drive comes with 12 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, and 1 analog input. The drive also features an Ethernet port for configuration and communications. The Ethernet port is fast 10/100 Mbit, and the drive supports both TCP and UDP communication protocols.

This servo motor drive is UL Recognized (File No. E332730), CE approved, and RoHS compliant.

Features include:

  • Programmable digital servo drive in a compact package
  • DSP-based current control
  • Operates from 120 VAC
  • Provides motor current up to 3.5 A rms continuous, 7.5 A rms peak
  • Fast 10/100 Ethernet for programming and communications
  • 744 lines of stored Q program capability
  • Math calculations using analog and digital parameters
  • Supports all SVAC3-S control modes as well
  • UDP & TCP support
  • 12 digital inputs, 6 digital outputs, all optically isolated
  • 1 analog input, +/-10 volt range
  • Jerk filter for S-curve acceleration ramps

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Model Number Supply Voltage Control Mode Output Current,
Continuous (A rms)
Output Current,
Peak (A rms)
Communication Ports
SVAC3-Q-E120 108-132 VAC Streaming Commands
Analog Positioning
Encoder Following
Q Programming
3.5 7.5 Ethernet
SVAC3-Q-E220 108-242 VAC Streaming Commands
Analog Positioning
Encoder Following
Q Programming
1.8 3.75 Ethernet