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Baldor GP233028



  • DCPM motor provides exceptional starting torque, adjustable speed and predictable performance
  • Permaglide sleeve bearing on output for smooth torque transmission
  • Permanently lubricated for life with Mobil SHC634 oil
  • Internal oil expansion bladder allows for all position mounting without relocating a breather vent
  • Double output shaft is 1/2" diameter
  • Reversible
  • Powder-coated enamel finish
  • Supplied with 3 ft. SJTO cord


  • Conveyors, medical and laboratory equipment, printing presses, commercial broiling ovens, machine tools and other applications requiring adjustable speed.

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Specification Number: 23A005Z008G4
Phase: DC
Voltage: 180
Output RPM: 8.5
Torque: 66
Ratio: 310
Amps: .26
Insulation: F
Rotation: R
Enclosure: TENV
Type: 2314P
Mechanical Specification Number: 23LYA005
Electrical Specification Number: 23WGZ008