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Baldor GP24280



  • Bronze and hardened steel worm gear first stage
  • Hardened steel helical output stage
  • Completely sealed from the environment and pre-lubricated with synthetic oil
  • Does not require periodic oil changes
  • "G" gear style can be face mounted


  • Conveyors, medical and laboratory equipment, printing presses, commercial broiling ovens, machine tools and other applications requiring adjustable speed.

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Specification Number: 224A618Z105G4
Phase: DC
Voltage: 90
Output RPM: 6.2
Torque: 400
Ratio: 280
Amps: 1.04
Insulation: F
Rotation: R
Enclosure: TENV
Type: 2424P
Specification Number:Mechanical 24A618Z105G4
Electrical Specification Number: 24WGZ105