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Baldor Brushless Cog-Free – LMCF Series


The LMCF cog-free brushless linear motor is designed for unlimited stroke (travel) servo applications that require smooth operation without cogging. These motors are supplied in kit form to be integrated into a customer’s machine. They are used in closed-loop servo systems and provide optimum performance.

The linear brushless AC Cog-free servo motor consists of a stationary magnet track and a moving coil assembly. The U-shaped, multi-pole magnet track is comprised of alternating polarity rare-earth magnets bonded to a hardchrome plated, cold-rolled steel plate. Modular track assemblies stack end to end to provide the length of stroke required. The coil assembly must be centered within the U-shaped magnet track and guided by customer supplied bearings. Individual coil assemblies can be mounted in series (as a single unit) to increase force. Multiple coil assemblies having independent operation and overlapping trajectories can also be mounted on a single magnet track.

The moving primary is a three-phase ironless core coil. The winding is encapsulated in thermally conductive epoxy. The ironless core eliminates the magnetic-attractive force between the coil assembly and the magnet track. A twisted shielded four conductor high flex cable supplies power to the coil assembly. The standard coil assembly is provided with Hall sensors for sinewave commutation alignment, trapezoidal commutation, and crash recovery. Custom designs without Hall sensors are available. An aluminum mounting bracket is integrated with the coil assembly. For improved heat dissipation and increased force, a water cooling option is available on some models.


  • Peak forces to 2300 N [517 Lbs]
  • High acceleration to 98m/s2 [10g’s]
  • High speeds to 5m/s [200 in/sec] with encoder resolution > 1micron
  • Speeds to 2.5 m/s [100 in/sec] with encoder resolutions ‹= 1 micron
  • High accuracy 2.5µm/300m [±0.0001 in/ft] (encoder dependent)
  • High repeatability 1µm [0.00004 in] (encoder dependent)
  • Unlimited stroke length
  • Independent multiple coil operation with overlapping trajectories
  • No metal-to-metal contact, virtually maintenance free
  • Modular magnet tracks for ready shipment
  • Use with: Trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3-phase brushless control (refer to ABB AC drives Flex/Flex+ Series).

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