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Baldor Linear Stepper Motor, Dual Axis – LMDS Series

Linear Stepper Motor, Dual Axis – LMDS Series

The open-loop linear stepper motor provides the most economical linear motor positioning package. The compact dual-axis stepper motor provides travel along two axes in a single plane. The dual axis package is comprised of two components: a moving forcer (with bearings) and a stationary platen. A position verification system is available to close the loop. The dual-axis linear stepper motor is designed for two-axis open loop positioning. It is a two axis stage with integrated air bearings and positioning system.

The moving primary 2 or 4-phase dual-axis linear stepper motor consists of a moving forcer and a stationary platen. The forcer is made of four single-axis coil assemblies. Two of the forcer assemblies are mounted in series to provide a thrust in the X direction and the other two are mounted orthogonal (at 90 deg.) to the first two assemblies to provide thrust in the Y direction. The forcer assemblies are encapsulated in a hard anodized aluminum housing. The motor’s surface is lapped to provide a flat surface for the air bearing. The floating height of the air bearing is less than 25 µm [0.001 in]. The forcer is available in eight sizes, depending on the application’s force requirements.

The platen is a photo-chemically etched steel plate that is filled with epoxy and ground. Standard mounting holes are provided on forcer and platen. The platen is available in sizes up to 0.24m x 0.34m [36 in x 59 in]. Preload for the bearing system is provided by the magnetic-attractive force between the forcer and the platen. The customer must bring power to the forcer with a cable, and provide the bearing air supply.


  • Two-axis motion in a single plane
  • Acceleration to 19.6 m/s2 [2g]
  • High repeatability 5.08 µm [0.0002 in]
  • Flatness = 12.7 µm/300 m [0.0005 in/ft.]
  • Resolution = Full Step
  • Number of microsteps
  • 2-phase min. 5 µm [0.0002 in]
  • 4-phase min. 2.5 µm [0.0001 in]
  • Platens up to 914 mm x 1,498 mm [36 in x 59 in]
  • For open position loop systems
  • No tuning necessary
  • Multiple forcer with overlapping trajectories on a single platen
  • High stiffness air bearings
  • Mount face up or inverted
  • Required drive: Microstepping driver
  • Lowest cost dual-axis positioning stage

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