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Baldor Brushless Iron Core – LMIC Series


Baldor introduces the newest linear iron core brushless servomotor designed with advanced technologies to minimize cogging, while improving dynamic speed and acceleration capability. The new LMIC motor series has been uniquely designed, without magnet skewing or slotting, to minimize cogging force thus providing applications with the smoothest possible operation.

Accelerations greater than 98m/s/s (10 g's), along with higher speeds - to 8 m/sec (320 inches per second) – are now possible. This will improve your machine’s process or positioning time. Linear motors consist of a stationary magnet track and moving forcer supported by a customer supplied bearing system. This non-contact scheme provides for long trouble free operation.

The quality of the magnetic track design is exhibited in it’s rare earth permanent magnets bonded onto a nickel plated steel plate. Reliability of the forcer is evident by it’s encapsulated laminated steel design –for protection and thermal conductivity properties. Hall sensors provide servo feedback dependability. The new linear LMIC series is available from ABB in two configurations, a standard profile and a low profile design - for those applications requiring smaller, tighter packages.


  • Material Handling
  • Automatic Inspection
  • Laser Cutters
  • Bonding/Drilling
  • High Speed Positioning
  • Positioning Tables


  • Advanced technology design reduces cogging - provides very smooth operation
  • Non-contact design - long life, maintenance free operation
  • Practically unlimited travel – optimize length for your application
  • High Performance – velocities to 8 m/s (320 in/sec) and accelerations to 98 m/s/s (10 g’s)
  • High force/energy density - minimized package easily fits application space
  • Standard Profile: Peak forces 13,800N (3100 lbs)
  • Continuous forces 5180N (1164 lbs)
  • Low Profile: Peak forces 1560N (352 lbs)
  • Continuous forces 587N (132 lbs)
  • Lowest cost per force – economical application solutions
  • Use with trapezoidal or sinusoidal 3-phase brushless drive (refer to ABB’s AC drives)

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