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Baldor Linear Stepper Motor, Single Axis – LMSS Series

Linear Stepper Motor, Single Axis – LMSS Series

The open-loop linear stepper motor provides the most economical linear motor positioning package. It is possible to stack the single axis linear stepper to provide multiple axes. Linear single axis packages are made up of two components: a moving forcer (with bearings) and a stationary platen. A position verification system is available to close the loop.

The 2 or 4-phase single-axis linear stepper motor consists of a moving forcer and a stationary platen. The forcer is made of two laminated steel cores precisely slotted with teeth and a single permanent magnet. The coil is inserted into the laminated assembly. Leads are provided at the beginnings and ends of the coils. Two interconnected assemblies result in a 2-phase motor. Four interconnected assemblies result in a 4-phase motor. The laminated assembly is encapsulated in an aluminum housing. The forcer is available in different sizes, depending on the application’s force requirements.

The platen is a photo-chemically etched teeth on a steel bar filled with epoxy, ground and hard-chrome plated. Standard mounting holes are provided on forcer and platen. The platen is available in lengths over 2.54m [100 in]. The magnetic-attractive force between the forcer and platen is used as a preload for the bearing system. The platen to forcer air gap is maintained by the integral bearing system. The customer must bring power to the forcer with an umbilical cable.


  • 9.8 m/s2 [1g] acceleration typical
  • Force to 222.4N [50 Lbs.]
  • High repeatability 10 µm [0.0004 in]
  • Resolution = Full Step
  • Number of Microsteps
  • 2-phase min. 5 µm [0.0002 in]
  • 4-phase min. 02.5 µm. [0001 in]
  • Air gap ‹25 µm [0.001 in]
  • For open loop systems
  • No tuning necessary
  • Multiple forcers with overlapping trajectories on a single platen
  • Roller bearings on 0600 and 1300 series. High stiffness air bearings on 2000 and 2500 series
  • Ceiling or wall mounted
  • Lowest cost positioning stage
  • Use with Microstepping driver

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