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Electrocraft Brushless DC Servo Motor

Brushless DC Servo Motor

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Continuous Stall Torque 48 oz-in.
Peak Torque 200 oz-in.
Max. Terminal Voltage 160VDC
Max. Operating Speed 20,000 RPM
Rotor Inertia 0.0019 oz-in. /sec/sec
Motor Input 3 phase, hall effect sensors (3) 120 deg. apart
Weight 2 lbs.
Dimensions 2.20 inch square Flange with (4) mounting holes (6-32) equally spaced on 1.531" bolt circle.
Length 4" long , Front Shaft 0.3145" dia x 1.00" long, Rear Shaft 0.2497" dia x 0.680" long.
Torque Constant 11.3 oz-in./amp
Voltage Constant 8.4 V./KRPM
Terminal Resistance 1.3 Ohms
Max. Continuous Current 4.7 Amps
Armature Inductance 2.5 mH.
Max. Peak Current 19 Amps
Brushless Motor - Model #1843622004/Stock No. RDM-102
500 Counts/Rev. Dual Channel TTL with Index Pulse Modular Incremental Encoder, Input 5VDC