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Encoder Products Model 775 Bore

Model 775

The Model 775 Slim Thru-bore encoder is designed to fit directly either on a motor shaft or other shafts where position, direction, or velocity information is needed. The Model 775 is available in large bore sizes to 1.375". The Model 775 features a collect type mounting clamp for bore sizes to 1.000 ”and a single-screw clamp type mounting for bore sizes to 1.375 ”. An optional anti-rotation flex mount maintains housing stability. Long disk life is assured by the rugged, shock resistant code disk. Electrical features include standard line driver (5-28 VDC), open collector, pull-up resistor, and push-pull output circuits; over voltage protection, and optional 100 degrees centigrade operating temperature. Electrical connections are made with a cable or a variety connector styles.

Design Features

  • Slim Line Profile Only 0.840"In Depth
  • Thru-shaft Design For Easy Mounting
  • Designed for Industrial Environments
  • CE Marking Available


  • Motor Speed Control
  • Machine/Process Control
  • Conveyors
  • Elevator Controls

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