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Encoder Products Models 711-720 Shaft

Models 711-720

The Cube Series housing styles are available in both the Basic Cube Series Models and the Specialty Cube Series Models.

The new E-Cube© version of the Cube Accu-Coder™ increases critical performance specifications for the most popular resolutions. The E-Cube© features advanced Opto ASIC circuitry, 125 kHz frequency response, select CPR to 2500, 3 arc minutes accuracy, 85° C standard operating temperature and optional 100° C operation at 5-24 VDC. The single chip design of the E-Cube© eliminates many board level components, increasing the reliability of an already dependable and durable industrial encoder. See specifications for available resolutions. The Standard Cube version remains available and covers all resolutions not offered in the E-Cube©.

Optional 5PY Adaptor (175443) allows any Standard Cube Housing to be interchanged with any 5PY tach generator.

Design Features

  • The Original Industry Standard Cube
  • Thousands of Configurations
  • Five Versatile Housing Styles
  • Up to 2500 CPR, many with Enhanced Specifications


  • Electronic Counters
  • Measuring Wheels
  • Conveyors
  • Material Handling

Housing Styles: S, IND12, HD12, HD10, and EX.

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