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MOOG Animatics

We are pleased to offer the full line of Animatics SmartMotors™, actuators, and geared. The Class 5 SmartMotor™ product line, has five times faster processing capabilities and expanded features; with optional Combitronic technology, which utilizes a CAN serial point to link all servo motors, where any motor’s program can read, write or control any other motor creating one synchronized, multitasking machine from up to 255 compact SmartMotor™ servos.

This suite of products offers the power and flexibility of a fully-integrated, closed loop servo technology with no limitations with customized solutions. It's a highly programmable servo system integrating a motor, an encoder, an amplifier, a controller, RS232/RS485 communication, and I/Os; which also now features optional Combitronic.

MOOG Animatics SM23165D
  • SM23165D
MOOG Animatics SM23165DT
  • SM23165DT
MOOG Animatics SM23205D
  • SM23205D
MOOG Animatics SM23305D
  • SM23305D
MOOG Animatics SM23375D
  • SM23375D
MOOG Animatics SM23375DT
  • SM23375DT
MOOG Animatics SM23405D
  • SM23405D
MOOG Animatics SM23165MT-IP65
  • SM23165MT-IP65
MOOG Animatics SM34165D
  • SM34165D
MOOG Animatics SM34165DT
  • SM34165DT
MOOG Animatics SM34165MT-IP
  • SM34165MT-IP
MOOG Animatics SM34205D
  • SM34205D
MOOG Animatics SM34305D
  • SM34305D
MOOG Animatics SM34405D
  • SM34405D
MOOG Animatics SM34505D
  • SM34505D
MOOG Animatics sm17205d
  • SM17205D