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PowerVolt Series BVU up to 600 watts (Motor)

PowerVolt's StepperPowerâ„¢ Series BVU up to 600 watts (motor) is fully compatible with Pacific Scientific and other stepping motor drivers.


  • Space saving compact modules provide mounting studs for motor drivers
  • Integral motor and logic-power (where applicable)
  • Models to drive one or two motors
  • 120VAC or 240VAC models; input taps to match actual line voltages
  • Custom units available
  • Safety Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, CE marked

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Model* Motor Power Logic Power
Approximate No Load (VDC) Approximate Under Load (VDC)
BVU75FU6401-1 70V 62V @ 5A None
BVU75FU6402-1 70V 2 x 62V @ 5A None
BVU48FU6401-1 57V 48V @ 5A None
BVU48FU6402-1 57V 2 x 48V @ 5A None
BVU24FU6401-1 29V 24V @ 5A None
BVU24FU6402-1 29V 2 x 24V @ 5A None
BVU80C5 88V 80V @ 5A None
BVU80D8 88V 80V @ 8A None
BVU130D5 133V 122V @ 5A None