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Unregulated Open Frame Series BVU

PowerVolt's BVU Series of unregulated DC power supplies is the best low cost alternative, where moderate output variations and AC ripple are acceptable. The field selectable input taps allow fine tuning the output voltage to match actual field conditions. The DC output is fused for short circuit protection. For maximum versatility, the output is floating and may be referenced to another low voltage common ground or placed in series with other DC power supplies.

The unregulated open frame BVU Series is recommended for the following applications: DC Motors - Stepping and Servos; Solenoid values; Relays; Lamps and Signal Systems; Input to 3-terminal on-board regulators; Some Floppy Disk Drives.


  • Low cost unregulated DC power supplies
  • Field selectable input taps 103/115/126/207/230/253 VAC for fine-tuning output to match actual field conditions
  • Improved ripple - 3% maximum
  • Fuse protected output
  • Custom grade capacitors
  • Floating output provides versatility for wiring
  • Safety Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, CE marked

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Voltage Part Number Typical DC Output
(@ nominal input and full load)
7 Volts BVU-7AU1.8 7.5V @ 1.8A
BVU-7BU3 7.5V @ 3A
BVU-7CU6 7.5V @ 6A
BVU-7DU10 8.5V @ 10A
BVU-7EU20 9V @ 20A
12 Volts BVU-12AU1.2 11V @ 1.2A
BVU-12BU2.4 12V @ 2.4A
BVU-12CU4.8 12V @ 4.8A
BVU-12DU7 12.5V @ 7A
BVU-12EU15 12.5V @ 15A
16 Volts BVU-16AU0.9 17AV @ 0.9A
BVU-16BU1.8 16V @ 1.8A
BVU-16CU3.6 16V @ 3.6A
BVU-16DU6 17V @ 6A
BVU-16EU12.5 16.5V @ 12.5A
20 Volts BVU-20AU0.75 19.8V @ 0.75A
BVU-20BU1.5 19.8V @ 1.5A
BVU-20CU3 19.8V @ 3A
BVU-20DU5 19.48V @ 5A
BVU-20EU10 20V @ 10A
24 Volts BVU-24AU0.6 25V @ 0.6A
BVU-24BU1.2 26.5V @ 1.2A
BVU-24CU2.4 26.5V @ 2.4A
BVU-24DU3.5 25.5V @ 3.5A
BVU-24EU7.5 27.5V @ 7.5A
BVU-24FU20 24.6V @ 20A
BVU-24GU30 24.6V @ 30A
45 Volts BVU-45EU6 45V @ 6.0A
BBVU-45FU12 45V @ 12A
48 Volts BVU-48AU0.3 48V @ 0.3A
BVU-48BU0.6 48V @ 0.6A
BVU-48CU1.2 48V @ 1.2A
BVU-48DU1.8 48V @ 1.8A
BVU-48EU4 47V @ 4A
BVU-48FU10 48.4V @ 10A
BVU-48GU15 48V @ 15A
65 Volts BVU-65GU15 65V @ 15A
72 Volts BVU-72EU3 72V @ 3A
75 Volts BVU-75FU5 75V @ 5A
BVU-75GU10 75V @ 10A
120 Volts BVU-120AU0.12 113V @ 0.12A
BVU-120BU0.25 120V @ 0.25A
250 Volts BVU-250AU0.05 247V @ 0.05A
BVU-250BU0.1 248V @ 0.1A