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ROLLON Ecoline

ROLLON Corporation's Ecoline linear bearings have been designed for applications where quality movement is needed at an affordable price. The patented design offers a well-protected, smooth slide that is easily and quickly mounted. Application sectors include industrial protective panels, vehicle slides, and machine tool doors. Due to these harsh application environments, the Ecoline product line was designed to keep damaging dirt and particles out.

Features include:

  • The rail, normally mounted to the fixed part of the machine, is specially designed anodized aluminum extrusion The steel slider body, normally mounted to the moving structure, has six radial ball-bearing "rollers" mounted in such a way as to allow optimal contact on the four internal raceways
  • The linear contact between the rollers and the raceways minimizes wear and maximizes load capacity, assuring a long lifetime
  • The patented design of the two-piece slider allows the cross-mounted rollers to run inside the load-carrying aluminum rail without play. It also allows the fast and simple setting of preload. With the XSP version, the orientation of some of the rollers can be inverted, allowing the inversion of the preferential load direction

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Length The available lengths of the XP37 Profile range from 250 mm to 6000 mm with 10 mm intervals
Profile Weight 1500 g/m
Slider Available in two versions, standard (XSN37) and with optional mounting plate (XSP37)
Slider Weight 255 g (XSN37), 395 g (XSP37)
Mounted Slider/Rail Set Sliders can be shipped mounted and preloaded in the rail. The rails will also come with endcaps mounted on the ends of the XP37 profile
Load Capacities C0ax(1)[N] Load Direction "C" C0ax(2)[N] Load Direction "E"
XSN37 (standard) 300 0
XSP37* (with flat plate)* 300 300