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Schneider Electric NEMA 23 Lexium MDrive Motion Control

NEMA size 23 Motion Comtrol

The Lexium MDrive Motion Control is an integrated motor + driver + programmable controller with numerous enhanced features for a complete motion control solution.

Communications interface

The LMDxM uses an isolated RS-422/485 communication interface with selectable BAUD rate ranging from 4.8 to 115 kilobits per second via a standard 9-pin D-subminiature connector. An optional USB to RS-422/485 Comm converter with cable is available and is compatible with all 32 and 64 bit operating systems.

Power and I/O

DC power and the I/O are interfaced via robust locking connectors: a 2-pin screw lock connector for power, and a pair of 7-pin spring-clamp terminal blocks with side-locking tabs for I/O. The isolated I/O bank consists of four (4) +5 to +24 VDC programmable inputs, two (2) 100mA, -24 to +24V dry contact outputs, one (1) 5.5 mA Trip output and a 12-bit analog input. All I/O points are programmable to multiple functions in software.


The Lexium MDrive Motion Control uses the powerful and versatile MCode programming and control language. Users can take advantage of the 11, 120 bytes of flash memory and 336 user labels to write programs ranging from simple motion to complex interactions between motion, trip functions and I/O. A powerful new Graphical User Interface (GUI), the Motion Control Programmer simplifies programming, simulating and debugging MCode application programs.

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DC power [+VDC] (includes back-EMF) +12...+60
Power supply current requirement [A] (max) 3.5 A
Aux-Logic supply [+VDC] +12...+24
[mA] (max) 194
Operating Temperature [°C] (heat sink) 85
[°C] (motor) 100
IP Rating IP20