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Servo Systems Co. Enclosed Linear Positioning Stage ELPS-300-350


This linear systems is a 305 mm travel Enclosed Linear Positioning Stage. The ELPS linear stage can only be sold with an Animatics SmartMotor and the weight does not include the motor. Pins 3 and 4 are not connected on the exterior connector - they are used internally for the limit switches. Dual position limit/home sensors are embedded in the table at no extra fee.

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Unit Weight 410.6 kg
Moving Mass 1.229 kg
Travel Length 304.9 mm
Screw & Coupling Inertia 6.050E-05 kg-m2
Axial Moment (Mo) 58.84 N-m
Perpendicular Moments (Mx & My) 46.28 N-m
Maximum Dynamic Load 159 N
Payload 61.94 kg
Drag Torque 0.05 N-m
Standard Lead 2.5 mm/rev.
Linear Speed 75.00 mm/s
Leadscrew Efficiency 35%
Bidirectional Repeatability 0.0125 mm
Connection 15 pin D-sub I/O for Animatics SM2300 Series SmartMotor