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Servo Systems Co. HLPS-24-150


This 24 inch travel linear stage has an anti-backlash lead-screw assembly, profiled linear rails, and four (two per rail) linear bearings. Stock screw pitches come in 1, .5, .25, and .2 inches; other screw pitches available upon request. Motor mount and higher accuracy screws available upon request. Dual position limit / home sensors are embedded in the table at no extra fee.

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Unit Weight 19.7 lb.
Moving Mass 2.285 lb.
Travel Length 24.00 in.
Screw Inertia 9.771E-05 lb.-in.-sec.2
Axial Moment (Mo) 319.40 in.-lb.
Perpendicular Moments (Mx & My) 152.75 in.-lb.
Maximum Dynamic Load 150 lb.
Payload 147.7 lb.
Drag Torque 5 oz.-in.
Standard Lead 1.0 in./rev.
Linear Speed 30 in./sec.
Leadscrew Efficiency 84%
Bidirectional Repeatability 0.0005 in.
Optional Accessories LPS-MFT
Mounting Foot
Manual Crank Handle
Motor Shaft Crank Handle - fits 1/4" rear motor shaft